My Portfolio

These are some of the amazing projects I've been privileged to lead or to have been a part of.

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A Product Management project as part of my Schulich MBA.  Generated product idea and took product from Conception, Design, Market, User and Design, Research, Marketing, and launch with Go to Market strategy.  As a team.



A Category Review ( Market Research ) on the Wearable Electronics Industry as part of my Schulich MBA.  

Robot Pondering -  Source: Unknown

Python project 1 - health canada api

My first Python program :)

Self taught with Colt Steele’s The Modern Python3 Bootcamp on

I wrote a program that downloads data from Health Canada API to CSV files.

View the source code on GitHub here.


Python product - data visualization, sales

I built a data visualization tool to help front line sales and marketers gain insights in a quick and dirty way. See more at Github

  • Scatterplot with selectable points allows users to hone in on data points of interest

  • Linear Regression & Linear Regression plane provides a data model for prediction



US Dept of Defense Hackathon for Mass Evacuation

So privileged to be on a Hackathon team representing North America’s elite of the elite!

In just 16 hours, 6 diverse strangers came together, learned from each other, elevated each other's strengths, questioned assumptions, and became an intellectual powerhouse.

A team of elites became an Elite Team!

In 16 hours, we built a working, deployable tool addressing US Dept of Defense's key technical challenges in Mass Evacuations.

New data adds to our context, and context can alter our perspectives and perceptions.


PRODUCT design:

CodeAcrossTO - a civic hackathon where you take on public challenges using design approaches

A cross-functional team of 9+ from Canada, India, and Singapore used Big Data, Systems Thinking, User Personas, and Design Thinking to identify community needs and new pathways to achieving the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Toronto.

Applying the UN’s Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) and Shared Value Creation, our team designed a deliberately ambitious and inclusive solution that works for our city, overcomes socioeconomic barriers, and will ultimately have a global impact on sustainability.

In less than 8 hours.