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I'm a Product Management, Tech, and Healthcare enthusiast with experience in Organizational Development, HR, and Change Management.  I believe in building positive institutions - institutions that empower & engage employees.

I bring value to organizations in at least three different ways:

First, I apply Design Thinking principles to all my projects.  Diversity of ideas and values are not what divides us - it is what gives us strength. It's always important to see the values that exist, values that are in conflict with each other, and the values that remain hidden from view.


Second, I'm drawn to building extraordinary products and solving inspiring problems that keep me up at night. And to experiencing culture shock - the kind that you get when you travel the furthest from where you are and from what you are used to.  

It's what happens when you:

► Move from the west coast to the east coast of Canada, when you attend Burning Man

► Decide to live in Nunavut for 2 years

► Move 12,000km to the most exotic, culturally diverse country in the world - India.

Different stakeholders can value other stakeholders in different ways that are incompatible.  Diversity of values allows us to build a sense of community and gain new knowledge through iteration and reflective analysis.

► How can we look at stakeholders in a way where we see value?  

► How do we surface values that people didn't see before?

► How do we be disruptive but not destructive? 


Third, I bring a broad set of leadership experiences that enable me to understand the diversity of stakeholders in a complex adaptive system which helps me to understand deeply the other player's perspectives, goals, and objectives.  I bring everything that I've learned to everything that I pursue.

Understanding how each player fits together in a larger, networked system enables us to leverage each party so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.